The article discusses various aspects pertaining to the history of the Bibesco family and their genealogy in the 17th and the 18th centuries, focusing on the insufficiently explored outcome of the alliances concluded at the time as well as on the generations prior to the 1794 marriage between Dimitrie Bibesco (1759-1831) and Ecaterina Vacaresco (1777-1842), usually counted as starting point of the Bibesco social ascent. In fact, since the mid-1650s and the early 1700s, the Bibescos – considered to have had a modest background –, already belonged to a circle of power defined by kinship to the ruling dynasty of Wallachia and to leading, powerful aristocratic clans, both Roumanian and Greek-Phanariot. If their political involvement was longtime marginal, their increasing wealth and family connections eased their elevation to the throne in the 1840s.

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